Code of Conduct

Approved by the Board of Directors on July 22, 2022

Members agree to the following:


  1. Members shall control their conduct during any Club workout, social activity, or when representing the Club at a race or similar event. Members shall be respectful to all other Members and opponents and shall conduct themselves in a manner that will ensure sportsmanlike conduct and the safety of others.  Members shall not engage in behavior that reflects negatively on the Club or its Members.

  3. Members shall refrain from making any negative public comments about other Members, other clubs, or opponents when at any Club workout, social activity, when representing the Club at a race or similar event, or on any public internet forum.

  5. Members shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a manner that ensures a comfortable and welcoming environment for all. Members are expected to interact with all persons in a manner that avoids behavior that could be construed as discrimination or sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted sexual advances or any unwanted visual, verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.  Members are expected to respect the age, religion, ethnic background, gender, and sexual orientation of other Members.  Members are to recognize that the Club operates as an athletic and social club, however are also to understand that discrimination or unwanted and/or continued advances towards other persons will not be accepted.  Members acknowledge that all persons have the right to an environment free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment.

  7. When participating in a race or similar event, Members shall adhere to all rules of the competition.

  9. Members are responsible for ensuring that they and all other Members adhere to the Club’s Conduct of Conduct. Any suspected violations should be reported to a member of the Board.

  11. The Board takes all concerns regarding the Club’s Code of Conduct seriously. Members may be reprimanded, suspended, or permanently expelled for any violation of the Club’s Code of Conduct, at the discretion of the Board and by its majority vote.

The Board takes concerns seriously about code of conduct violations.  Members who are found to violate the rules of the code of conduct will have their membership terminated for 12 months, after which they can reapply for membership.  The best way to address a concern directly to the Board is to send an email to