Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was formed to promote running across Fairfield Country. Each Director is a resident of a town in Fairfield County and has a unique background and running experience. The Directors work together to make the team unique and exciting.


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Jonathan Mendoza

President, Co-Founder

Jonathan is a resident of Norwalk, CT that has over 10 years of experience in long-distance running and is one of the three founding members of Valley Forge. Before getting into running, Jonathan played competitive soccer during High School and College in his home country. While having a deep passion for running, he cross-trains by lifting and road cycling. Jonathan has participated in his fair share of NYRR events, Marathon Majors, and international races such as Copenhagen and Iceland Half Marathons. As president, Jonathan promotes our team to be open to all ages and fitness levels.

Lee Kalivas

Secretary, Co-Founder
Lee is a highly experienced cross country runner that grew up in Weston, CT for most of his life and is a resident of Norwalk. He is currently pursuing a degree in Exercise Science with an eye on a Master’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. He holds a very ambitious mindset in the distance running world, wishing to share his scope of knowledge in kinesiology and proper warmup and cooldown etiquette. He organizes meetup routes with several other officiers. His lively social personality has inspired others around him to go the extra mile.

Jeff Gerbert

Vice President
Jeff is a Stamford resident who has been running competitively for the last few years. He has taken part in several 5-Kilometers, 2 Half Marathons and participated in all of the Boston Build-Ups. Over the span of his career, he has displayed great results over the last few races and his determination and drive have given him the ability to beat his own personal best. Jeff has had experience running fundraising activities for parent organizations, and Autism Speaks. As one of our most valuable members, his vision is to not only welcome new members, but to expand our social resources!
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Alicia Gerbert

Public Relations Officer
Alicia is a Stamford resident, married to Jeff who is another board member of Valley Forge.  She began running in February 2020 and completed her first 5-Kilometer race in March only having been able to run a mile and walking intermittently.  Ever since getting into the sport, she runs every day, determined to shatter her personal bests.  This motivation and self-commitment toward the sport is impressive.  Alicia is now working toward completing a half marathon. Alicia has worked with many organizations such as Autism Speaks, Stamford Education 4 Autism and many other parent groups. She and Jeff have two boys, Domenick and Daniel.  As Public Relations Director, Alicia communicates with our sponsors or partners and helps coordinate running and social events.

Alex Soter

Alex is a Milford resident with over two decades of running experience, having competed in the 400 meters during college and now slowly working his way towards completing all six of the World Marathon Majors.  He is also involved locally with Achilles International as a volunteer, serving as a guide runner for several blind athletes. Alex joined Valley Forge in 2021 to recapture the community aspect of running and is now a regular at our Saturday long runs.  A lawyer by day, as Treasurer he is responsible for making sure that the Club’s funds are used appropriately to support its overall mission. 


person standing, with sign behind them and with text on it

Gustavo Galicia

Gus is a Norwalk resident who has been running competitive for over 5 years. After his first 5k race, he fell in love with the sport and slowly made progress in his running.

“Not only is running good for fitness, It’s a good way to stay discipline and achieve your personal goals”