Congratulations to our team members who participated in the morning’s Jingle Bell 5K in Norwalk. It was a cold start, but everyone warmed up quickly once they were off and running.

Great job to those team members who placed and those who participated. It was so lovely to see everyone out there this morning.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone again for our weekly runs.

The results were as follows:

Evan Bonenfant 18:14 2nd overall male

Lee Kalivas 18:15 3rd overall male

Gus Galicia 18:15 1st in his age group

Dave Krulewich 18:18 2nd in his age group

Jeffrey Gerbert 19:41 2nd in his age group

Anthony Chiaverini 20:42

Alicia Gerbert 30:41

Julia Gallagher 33:03